Friday, May 8, 2009


Of our three children, Mary Mac is by far the most independent. God gifted her with a personality that easily entertains others as well as uniquely amuse herself. Every song she sings out loud - in her five year old mind - is in front of an audience of thousands; every construction paper colored a masterpiece to be hung and admired; every story read or recounted a lesson to be learned by her wide array of captivated students, which mostly include inanimate objects lacking any other options.

Imagination flows freely from this wide-eyed little girl, which makes it even more of a joy to happen upon an activity or game born from her limitless world of pretend, a place where the rules are of her own making and the participants of her own choice.

The following pictures demonstrate an isolated occurrence among hundreds we have encountered during her lifetime. It examples Mary Mac at her finest when her imagination is wide open and the possibilities endless.

Candy Land is fun. It is even more fun with other participants:

I'll invite a friend to play:

The caterpillar draws a yellow card. He was hoping for a double.

The caterpillar makes it through Lollipop Woods. He must have a stomach of steel.

He is momentarily distracted by the pink bubbles. This diversion and lack of concentrated focus will cost him the win.

Mary Mac bestows the honor of second place to her fuzzy friend.

Now if she can only get the frogs in our mailbox to be as cooperative....

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