Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Joy in Forgiveness

I can’t recall the indiscretion. The details of the incident that led to the heartfelt sticky note have already been forgotten. Mary Mac’s sincere apology completely expunged the memory of the act, replacing disappointment and dissension with immediate forgiveness and joy.

Unlike most adults, children are quick to respond with contrition. Pride has not yet tarnished their hearts; justification not yet offered a way out. Pure intentioned motives provoked from an authentic love that hasn’t learned to keep count of all perceived transgressions.

The older we become, the harder it becomes to apologize. Why does rationalization for the discord become more important than restoration of the relationship?

And even as we claim to be wiser, our stubborn actions would suggest otherwise. It seems that misguided comfort is found in being trapped by an unyielding heart rather than released by one that forgives. There is something about wallowing in the wrongs that feels good even though we know seeking to make things right feels even better.

Replace blame with pardon and accusation with acquittal. Like the interaction with Mary Mac, the details of the offense will fade as a merciful memory chooses to exchange the grievance with grace.

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