Sunday, December 13, 2009

Spreading Holiday Cheer

Each year it becomes harder to convince him. Despite the joy it brings to me, the notion of posing for a picture with Santa is not embraced by Chase.

The yearly brunch we attend each holiday includes a visit with Santa and Mrs. Clause. Because of the large crowd of people that attend this event, numbers are given to each family to prevent waiting in long lines that influence monkey fits by well groomed little children.

We were fortunate enough this year to be first in line, a big score for me, but an even bigger embarrassment for Chase.

“Just so you know, I’m not sitting in Santa’s lap,” reminded my ten year old grinch, with a dramatic roll of his eyes.

“That’s fine. I really just want to get your picture. In fact, Dad and I will go with all three of you,” I responded.

Chase reluctantly followed us to the brightly decorated platform as our number was called. It was clear that he was not happy with the interaction that was about to occur. However, sacrifices sometimes have to be made in order to secure the yearly Christmas photograph.

Mary Mac visited with Santa first. Her long-winded list included a Barbie Dreamhouse and American Doll, and a variety of other surprises that will have Santa scrambling somewhat this year. Chandler was next with his efficient, precise list true to his organized personality.

To my surprise, Chase decided to participate with a very brief visit, but not of the lap sitting variety. When Santa asked Chase what he wanted for Christmas, our son leaned down close and whispered into his ear. Santa’s eyes grew wide, as he glanced in our direction with a look of trepidation.

Once our children had exited the platform, Santa motioned for my husband. Confused, and thinking that maybe Santa might be a patient in red velvet disguise, John quickly walked to his side.

“Your son had an unusual request that I thought you should know,” reported the very concerned Santa. “He says that all he wants for Christmas is to find his real parents.”

With a smile, and a slight shake of his head, John reassured Santa that our son was not currently an orphan, but could possibly be one by the end of our meal.

Chase, with the sly smile that is becoming his trademark, remarked to his dad that he had changed his mind about visits with Santa. It was loads of fun after all.


acassidy said...

That is hilarious! Not sure where he gets that sense of humor... um...maybe from his real parents?? :)

ekrisdinger said...

Oh Joni, how I love your posts...and your family's fabulous sense of humor. It brings me so much JOY at night when I get to curl up in bed at night with my Blackberry to read blogs and discover the ever comical events in your life!

Joni said...

Thanks, E. Maybe you are Chase's long lost sister.... : )


elizabeth said...

Hysterical!!!!! I can't stop just made my day. So, so funny!

This is the 1st year in a long time that we didn't do this brunch. I'm kind of sad about it..but I saved some cash for Christmas presents! Santa is also scrambling here at our house with a last minute request for a scooter or apparently it will be "the worst Christmas EVVVVVERRRRR."

Merry Christmas Joni!

JMom said...

That is so funny! Oh, boy! That one is going to keep you on your toes...