Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Donkeys and Amigos

By far, it was the laziest vacation ever taken. Our trip to the Sanctuary in Cap Cana, Dominican Republic, rendered me as peaceful as I have been since the disruption that occurred when learning the stork would not actually bring my first child eleven years ago.

We intentionally chose a resort with a laidback atmosphere and non-existent party scene. Disco queens in gold lame tube tops dancing around gold-chained fellows without rhythm did not seem relaxing to me. Funny and worthy of blog material, but not the tranquility I was seeking.

(Can you tell that yours truly is forty? Just so you know – I KILLED it playing bingo. I also came close to playing shuffleboard, but left my dark socks at home, making participation impossible. It was for the best, as the bursitis in my shoulder would have produced a sub-standard performance. )

During the five-night trip, my intentions were to rest, read and eat, all while laying in a lounge chair.

My husband’s objectives were a little different. For instance, he chose to exercise in the work out room every day, while I exercised my right to lay in a beach cabana.

He sought out fishing partners, hoping to catch an exotic fish passing by, while I sought out chair cushions, hoping to catch the eye of a waiter passing by.

He deliberated over Spanish phrases to use with the Non-English speaking staff, while I deliberated over the best horizontal position that would still allow me to eat.

(As a side note, my good intentioned husband accidentally called the man below a donkey. Because the Dominican Republic are a good people, and are very forgiving of the silly Americans, Raul ended up loving my husband despite language inadequacies.They are BAF - best amigos forever.)

Regardless of our different approaches, a good time was had by all. We arrived safely home to the family who brings us so much joy.

However, it has been difficult to embrace the upright position.


Mom of Eleven said...

So fun!! I am so happy you had a great trip. You're a great amiga!

Joni said...




nottoooldtolearn said...

That's what I've always said. If I can call you a donkey and you're still my friend - well that says a lot!

I think I may have learned that from my grandma. ;-)

Joni said...

Not Too Old -

Your grandmother is a very wise woman. : )


Anonymous said...

did you spot fabio on your trip?

Joni said...


No. But the entire cast of Sopranos rook over the pool one day. : )