Saturday, October 30, 2010

Potty Humor

Inspiration can come from a variety of places. Marvel of God’s handiwork and creativity in nature, appreciation for architectural elements in various complex structures or admiration of detailed brush strokes in a painting are all examples one might ponder when looking to be inspired.

When in conversation with my oldest son, Chase, about the costume he would create for the middle school contest, I suggested that he consider his surroundings to generate some ideas. We were driving home from school as I pontificated about the ingenuity and imagination one can find if pausing to look at the environment for inspiration.

I pulled into our driveway – still using the excessive words with which my children are accustomed - when Chase excitedly exclaimed, “I got it! I know exactly what I’m gonna be for the contest!” pointing enthusiastically to the unfortunate object that stimulated his outburst.

A Port O’ Potty.

Prominently placed in our front yard for the past twelve weeks, it has held enormous interest for my three children. This breeding bastion of bacteria has been off limits to my crew, but attracts a fascination each time they witness someone using the facilities.

Once, Chase and his friend J, watched a worker enter the stall, and the two quietly crept to the outside door. They knocked on the door hard and then ran, arms and legs pumping faster as the heated profanity that emerged from the stall frightened them more than initially considered when planning the prank.

They didn’t do it again.

Chase joyfully prepared all week for the contest, spray-painting a wardrobe box yellow and adding all of the many extras that would correctly identify his creation.

My husband and I curtailed many of the typical eleven year old boy suggestions made - dropping tootsie rolls as he walked in the parade or allowing toilet paper to hang out the back of the costume – in an effort to maintain some sense of decency and decorum. An oxymoron that I assure you has not escaped either of us.

Much to our relief, the teachers at Chase’s school appreciated the potty humor, congratulating him on the originality of his costume. Chase had a great time during the event, except for one minor detail that he found frustrating. His friends kept knocking on the door of his creation, and then running off before he could open it.

Payback, in my opinion, and that of the unsuspecting worker, very much deserved.


Leah Clancy said...

Too funny!
I want to tell you I read your story, It's All About the Accessories, in Mops Magizine. I enjoyed your writing style so much, I had to read your blog. I love it! I the mom to 4 spirited children and aspring writer. Your work gives me something to aim for. Thanks for sharing!
Leah Clancy

Joni said...



I love this sentence that you wrote in your profile: "With Christ and Diet Coke, we can handle just about anything."

Amen, sister. : )


Laurie Wallin said...

Oh am I glad to meet you, girl! Read your article in MomSense this month and loved the granny panties accessory on your preschooler. Panties, potties.... I'm seeing a theme here. :)

Looking forward to many more laughs with you!


Joni said...


Hmmmm. It would appear that our nonsense does have a theme.My next few posts will have to be about sunshine annd bubbles to appropriately balance things out... : )

I'm glad you liked the article!


Lisa said...

Hi Joni, I join the ladies who found you through MomSense this month! Pretty cool!

What a fun blog! Your stories make me laugh and sound a lot like our household and life...only my girls are still quite small (3 and 1)!

For whatever reason, an inspired inkling led me back to your last few December blogs-- we are dealing with family negotiations, and schedule maneuvering already and I'm trying to find some peace in the whole thing! Your posts reminded me that at least I'm not alone...and that as crazy as it all gets, it almost always makes for wonderful memories!


Joni said...


Thanks for your kind comment.

Households with small children share a commonality in stories and nonsense. The great theologian John Bon Jovi sang it best in his song, "Dead or Alive": It's all the same, only the names will change..." : )

Good luck with your family scheduling during the holidays. Remember that the best Christmas lights are tail lights.....


JMom said...

Not sure how I missed this before...hilarious!!