Tuesday, December 14, 2010

All She Wants For Christmas...

....is her two front teeth.

There is no greater joy than hearing the lisp of a first grader as she attempts words that are inhibited by missing baby Chiclets.

Except for the joy brought by a note to the tooth fairy, inquiring about the economical circumstances surrounding the money that appears under her pillow.

And then that joy is surpassed by the tooth fairy's quick thinking response.

Dr. R, apparently there are debts that need to be reconciled.


Leslie said...

sooooo cute!

Joni said...

Thanks Leslie! That toothless grin does me in every time. : )


Anonymous said...

Too cute!I'll talk to the lady who pays the bills and get my debt cleared ASAP

Joni said...

Dr. R.-

To make it easier, do you want to write the check for an even thousand? : )