Friday, November 25, 2011

Blog Resuscitation

They said it would happen. Those wiser than me made mention that it would occur overnight, catch me completely unaware, imprisoning me a in a freaky time bubble that would suddenly burst and land this harried, time traveling housewife into an unknown place six months later.

Oh, the surroundings are the same. Laundry still spills out of our home and into the streets, children continue to begin every sentence with, “Mom, have you seen my….?” and the frantic phone calls to my husband’s medical practice about the latest household emergency carry on as usual.

However, it’s this stage of life, this season of get up and go and pick me up and drop me off and take me there and retrieve me here that has me spiraling in different directions in a car that shows its grievances with a transmission that whines in a higher pitch than a tantrum throwing toddler.

But even more than the shuttle bus navigated by the poorly compensated driver, the all-consuming change that sent me straight into the time traveler’s bubble that snatches all unaware moms, was the arrival of pre-teenage hormones that had the audacity to challenge its rightful place against my own.

And so, the battle of the Hormonal Monsters began.

And it was not pretty.

And only recently have I been able to disembark from the Time Traveling Bubble after finally demonstrating with sufficient proof that adjustments can be made to the new, that two Hormonal Monsters can reside in the same home together without losing their joy.

Since my time bubble release, I realize that much has happened that I will have to backtrack and record for posterity’s sake. There have been broken arms and the vomiting of blood, travels with suspected terrorists on 9/11 and yet another encounter with a police officer and a gore.

For now, though, I am going to relish in the fact that our crazy household is back. We are just as chaotic and busy and off-kilter as before. Time is not always our own, emotions not always that stable, and every once in a while, the hormonal monster will rear its unkempt head, but somehow, through it all, we have managed to keep our joy.


robyn said...

Just for the record, Joni, you were not at my expert opinion ;)

Joni said...


Thank you. Your support is appreciated.

Talk to your husband about having the gore offense removed from my record. Maybe he could mention that my hands never once veered from the safety of the ten and two position.


Erin said...

Joni! My sisters and I were JUST saying that we missed your blog posts AND HERE YOU ARE!!

Hope yall had a great Thanksgiving!

Work In Progress said...

Sooo glad you are back! And glad that I am not the only one who was caught by surprise with hormones and the busyness of this aged kids!! My blog posts have averaged about 1/6months I think! Maybe you will inspire me!!

Joni said...


Yes. Here I am. A few battle scars, some extra wrinkles and a whole lotta grey.

But, I'm still standing. : )

Hope you and your family had a fantastic Thanksgiving!


Joni said...


Thanks! It has been a struggle, but I am wiser and more adept at the hormone monster's wiley ways.

Do you think teenage boys can take Midol? : )