Wednesday, November 30, 2011

iPhone Joy

Recently, I downloaded photos from my iPhone to our home computer - all 612 of them. Glancing through the pictures taken, I realized that the majority of them were not familiar to me. Apparently my phone is considered shared property, much like that of my always missing hairbrush and the poorly hidden swiss cake rolls in my closet.

The following pictures were captured by the wayward children in our home. I have tried to discern the purpose behind each but even the most creative of minds would have trouble finding rational explanation.

I do not know why Chase is dressed like this. Or why one would want documentation of it.

Although he does look eerily similar to a man I sat next to on a plane this past September.

The Jonas Brothers captured on TV, hopefully taken by Mary Mac and not my spouse.

Just once, could I have the bathroom to myself?

Olan Mills, American Girl style.

The nut........

....does not fall far....

...from the tree.

The waxing of eyebrows clearly a fascination to a certain seven year old, and worthy of capturing such a special moment. (Edited to add: okay, the upper lip was waxed as well. CAN'T A GIRL HAVE ANY SECRETS ANYMORE?)

Documented proof taken by Chandler that indeed his little sister had finally gone to bed.

Family memory caught by Chase of his desperate mom using coins to enter the restroom in a condemned gas station off of the interstate. My hand is trembling in the picture.

No words.

I had a hard time finding explanation for this this photo. After a few minutes, it finally hit me that a child took this for sentimental reasons.... a sweet reminder of their mother's neck.


JMom said...

This made me sooooo happy! Have fun in NYC!

Just Another Ordinary Miracle said...

Let's just say I remember that bathroom!!!!

Joni said...


I am so glad.

And we did. Thanks for all of your advice!


Joni said...


This is the bathroom in my home, but I know of the bathroom in which you speak.

It has never been the same again.: )