Wednesday, November 30, 2011

We're Gonna Be A Part Of It

We are taking our family nonsense to New York City. With great joy and excitement, we have been planning this trip over the last four months. Our children have never seen the city and my husband and I have never seen it decorated for Christmas.

The suitcases have been prepared.

The children have laid out their clothes. (FYI - the wig Chase hoped to bring below was confiscated by yours truly. As though we need to bring extra attention to our shenanigans.)

Chandler's pile included five pairs of flannel pajamas (for a three night trip) and a wrap around Georgia Snuggie. Is it just me, or is it very possible that we are going to be WAY out of our element?

Mary Mac's stack - what a great name for a pancake restaurant! - includes her very worn Hoppy and handwarmers. She would appear to be such a practical child until you see the bejewelled flats and the princess dress up high heels laying to the side.

It was a little work filtering through the attire chosen by my three, but I think we are ready to cross state lines.

Our reservations are in place, and broadway show tickets purchased. We have gathered our belongings and packed the suitcases. Plane tickets are in hand and passports tucked safely away in backpacks. We are ready for New York City!

But is New York City ready for us?

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