Thursday, December 8, 2011

New York City: Day One

After a shaky start to our trip, we grabbed our luggage and jumped into the van with our driver. The kids were wide eyed as they encountered for the first time the sights of the city. I was wide eyed as we weaved in and out of traffic in a manner that resembled the poorest contender in Mario Cart. While the driver’s eyes appeared to be open, he drove as though they were shut.

Through God’s mercy we made it safely to our hotel. As we exited the van, Chase asked me why I kept stomping on the floor of the van during the roller coaster ride. “I was using imaginary brakes, “ I replied, receiving a well-earned eye roll from my twelve year old.

We dropped off our belongings and headed to Times Square. Loaded down with cameras and backpacks, we all craned our necks towards the sky as we walked, clearly identifying ourselves as tourists.

And we didn’t care.

Hard Rock Cafe

(Please excuse the creepy finger in the corner)

Toys R US

The clouds parted and the angels sang:

These are my people.

Times Square

I loved this dude's hair. Mary Mac said I was "soooooooo embarrassing."

Taking it all in.

The M&M Store

This is what Chandler hopes heaven will look like:

Bottom's Up!

What a joyful job! These folks eat candy all day and dance all night! Maybe my husband's practice should adopt this policy.

The sign above us reads, "Inside everyone there's a little nut." How fitting.

Radio City Christmas Spectacular with the Rockettes -

My Peeps

Ellen's Stardust Diner

Our waiter singing on top of a table - the family version of Chippendales.

Yes, his fingers are lit. And no, he's not a descendant of ET.

The day was full and fun, and ended just as exciting as it had begun. At midnight, we made our way back to the hotel, and fell into sound sleep.

And double-dog dared anyone to wake us in the morning.


Anonymous said...

yay, you DID go to ellen's. so glad it was fun! loved the md on board part. and chase filming the poor girl. miss you lots!

Joni said...


Thanks! Miss you too!

We may come through Flo-town in January. I'll keep you posted.