Saturday, December 10, 2011

New York City: Day Two

Rockefeller Center
Top of the Rock

It is a phenomenon that seems to follow us wherever we travel. While some may say that we attract unsolicited commotion, I maintain that it is a haphazard stumble upon circumstance, a coincidence if you will, that finds our family in the middle of bizarre events.

The fellow on the right witnessed a sweet marriage proposal during our visit to Top of the Rock at Rockefeller Center. The hyper-aware one on the left almost had to make a citizen's arrest.

While most were watching the man on bent knee profess love and devotion, I noticed sudden activity among the security guards around us. I followed one guard who was speaking frantically into a walkie-talkie, hurrying in a direction opposite of the proposal.

Surely, my help was needed. And I had three children to protect on top of a VERY tall building.

The security guard and I raced around the corner to find five other officers circled around a suspicious looking backpack lying ominously on a bench. As they called for police back-up, I asked the guard closest to me if we should start handing out parachutes to all of the visitors.

He did not think that I was funny.

And I was not trying to be.

I reminded the concerned guard of our location of 70 stories high on top of a building. And that I had small children on top of said building. He used his capital letters voice when responding, "MA'AM, I'M GOING TO NEED YOU TO STAND BACK! WE HAVE THIS UNDER CONTROL!"

What is it about my personality that brings out such emotion in others?

Clearly, he did not appreciate the potential skills of yours truly when sniffing out a crime. Or the lengths a mom will go to in order to protect her offspring. Once, again, my hope for a citizen's arrest would be squashed.

After spending several minutes in a law enforcement huddle, the officers concluded that the backpack was not a bomb, that it had been irresponsibly left by a knuckle-headed teenager who was trying to get to the real life, Bachelor version of a wedding proposal taking place on top of the rock. The only drama it lacked was the rose ceremony and the tear-streaked leftover riding home in the limo of broken hearts.

So, it all ended well. I didn't have to assist the security guards with their almost emergency, which is a good thing, because I don't know a thing about parachutes.

Santa Land at Macy's

We rode escalators past eleven stories of retail. I hadn't felt that much temptation since fighting the urge to break out into the Charlie's Angels two-handed pistol stance at the top of the rock that morning.

Gum ball joy.

Santa had better get his game on. Only 23 more days until Christmas!

We weaved through a line that took us through a holiday forest. This picture was taken moments before seeing Santa. The kid in the brown sweater is gritting his teeth in this photo. He will find coal in his stocking this year.

I was told that my Christmas list was unreasonable. Apparently the jolly old man can't accommodate plastic surgery or heavy sedatives. He also said that he can't do a thing about the stalker who follows me everywhere - Mr. Double Chen. Maybe I should have brought it up to the security guard?

American Museum of Natural History

After Santa Land, we took a taxi to this museum. My heart rate was elevated throughout the entire ride. Never once did I see the driver's hands in the safe two and ten position on the steering wheel. He was too busy honking at the innocents and running down the elderly.

I forget the educational significance of this picture. It just makes me laugh.

In fact, I wish that I could offer more insightful facts about each of these photos...

...but I was a little distracted by these three when trying to engage in the learning process.

He is a very friendly child.

Pretending to hold the head of a skeleton.

A spontaneous moment where everyone is acting like they have some sense.

It didn't last for long.

A genius design. I could really benefit from having an extra head.

We ended our day in the Nintendo store......

and the American Girl store.

She had to be restrained. : )


Ali Babba said...

I have a pix of you, Jeni D, and me in the charlies angels pose. Shall I post it ?

Joni said...

Ali Babba-

Only if I can post the one of you in your bikini. : )

Let's try to get together over Christmas break. Do I have to call you Ali Babba in public?