Friday, April 20, 2012


While I will continue to chronicle some of the details of Chase’s story, I want to pause a moment to give a current update on his condition. Since Monday, he has improved enough to return to physical rehab today, an appointment thought very unlikely by his physician. Head pain, double vision and mobility issues remain, but dependence on the wheelchair is no longer necessary. He can walk unassisted, although unbalanced, and in a gait that buckles with each step.

Despite the circumstances dealt him, Chase maintains an upbeat and positive attitude. He is still full of joy and personality, and looks for the humor in situations rather than pity. If you will allow a mom to boast for a second, I couldn’t be more proud of this boy’s strength, courage and faith which only serves to encourage my own.

Our family has been overwhelmed with the heartfelt prayers, kind words and sincere encouragement offered on the behalf of our son. From a missionary village in Rwanda, a friend fighting cancer in Miami, a twelve year old boy in front of his middle school in Texas, a church congregation that is more like family. From friends I see every day and those I haven’t seen in twenty years, from a fourth grade boy praying out loud in his mom’s car and from a little girl leading prayer in her family. From those I have just recently met and those I will never meet, from family close by and those afar, and those that consider us a part of their own.

Words are difficult to find to adequately express how humbled, how blessed, how grateful we are. Although our struggle is ongoing, we know that these prayers – your prayers – have held us, comforted us and changed us for the better.


Anonymous said...

yipee for rehab. and comfort in HIM.

mx said...

Joni, I just learned about Chase's injury tonight. As a mother I ache with you, and as a daughter of the King I earnestly pray and believe with you that He is before all things and that in Him all things hold together!