Saturday, April 28, 2012


Chase is walking. And walking well.

We have been close to this place before, so I hesitate to share it publicly.  A few weeks ago, his gait began to stabilize, and we thought our son was on his way to recovery. The elephant that had been sitting on my chest for weeks lifted, and found the chest of a new worried mama on which to park his wrinkly tail.

But then in just a few days, a setback occurred, with symptoms more pronounced and mobility almost non-existent. Three weeks into the injury, not only was Chase not any better, he had worsened. The fall I experienced from looking through that brief window of hope took me a few days to emotionally recover.  The elephant came back, heavier than before, having consumed the worries of someone else and now resting all of his bulk on me.

But then I called on you.

Hesitantly at first, and then a little more bold, and then frequently and unashamed. A mom would lay her life down for her child, and because that option wouldn’t help Chase, I laid down my pride.

I asked for your prayers for my son, and then you asked for them too. In a few short weeks, thousands were lifting the name of Chase to the Almighty from places like West Africa, Italy, Rwanda and South Miami. Places I have never visited and from faces I may never see, but if God really loves me, He will make sure to introduce us in heaven.

Our community, home state and many others also responded overwhelmingly. Acquaintances are now friends, and friends now family. The prayers poured out on my son’s behalf deepened relationships in a way that will forever change the way  I approach God’s people,  and most certainly the way I pray for them.

Chase still has a ways to go in the recovery process. Double vision and pain are still present, and returning to school most unlikely. But, we see progress, and for now that is enough as we relish in the joy that comes with answered prayers.

Chase is walking. 

And walking well.


Jan Overton said...

Joni, I am Robyn's Mom and have been with you in spirit every step of this journey. Our precious healing heavenly Father would bring your Chase to my mind so many, many times. One night it was an hourly reminder and I so welcomed that nudge to lift Chase to His healing hand. Praises, Praises, Praises....I could just shout and jump for joy. Your blog has been an inspiration to me and I am sure to many others. God has definitely gifted you with a tremendous talent of sharing the joy and pain of everyday living in your writing. I will keep praying and praising for this miracle!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord,
Thank you for Chases' progress. Please give him the physical strength to walk and the emotional strength to hold on to You with each step. Thank you too, Lord, for The blessings that You have made visible to this family each and every day. May they know Your love and feel Your arms around them through this trying season. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

Longview, Tx

Bragg Wolfe said...

Joni, thanks for posting this. I sustained a traumatic brain injury almost 14 yrs ago (June '98). Lots of UPS...then lots of DOWNS. Seems like in the beginning for every three steps forward, I'd take two steps back! But with the power of prayer and a rekindled relationship with God, no one would know unless they knew me then or i tell them. Chase has youth on his side along with TONS of prayers going out for him. Hang in there, its a long road but it can/will be achieved! God is good...all the time!

mx said...

SO glad to read this. Great is His faithfulness. Many at First Pres Flo praying for you all!

Joni said...


Your prayers are so appreciated as well as your kind words.


Joni said...


Beautiful prayer. Thank you.


Joni said...

Bragg -

Wow. You are a living testimony to God's goodness. Thanks so much for your example and your encouragement.


Georgia Jan said...

Joni - Although we've not met, we have mutual friends (Beth Moore - remember???) and most of all...the same LORD and Savior! I am just "blog reading" tonight and always love your delightful sense of humor. However, tonight as I read about your son I just had to let you know I will be praying for Chase. God bless you and keep you and hold you close. He is a Mighty God.

"Georgia Jan"