Monday, January 7, 2008


I previously posted about the below freezing weather we have experienced. Upon hearing our local forecast, I, like everyone else in town, hightailed it to Kroger to buy supplies. My husband maintains that buying milk and bread is the manner in which Southerners combat cold temperatures, and proves especially effective against the evil "black ice".

Anyway, I had just placed my first few items in my cart when a somewhat familiar face (that means I didn't know her name) made a comment to me as our buggies passed one another in the aisle. She looked at my selections and said, "Stocking up in case of an emergency?" I looked at my items - soy sauce, coffee filters, and, oh no,......vienna sausages. I just nodded my head and smiled and kept walking. BUSTED.

Why the shame, you might ask? See, vienna sausages aren't an emergency staple in our household; they are actually a source of protein for my 6 year old, Chandler. (Please take your finger off of the dial of your telephone and let me explain. Call Department of Family and Children Services later if you still feel it is necessary.)

I've told you that the child really only likes sugar, but we can sometimes get him to swallow a few vegetables and even a few grapes. But there is no food item that brings him greater joy than his BELOVED meat sticks. (Yeah, we call them meat sticks. It sounds better, and we can momentarily trick ourselves into thinking it is actual meat.) Chandler would eat them every day at every meal if allowed but we have to limit his cat intake to once a week. My husband IS a doctor and we do have some sense.

The cat comment made me nervous so I checked the back of the can to review the actual ingredients.Here is what I found:


Below the Nutritional Facts it says "Mechanically separated chicken, beef and pork". That means that every time an animal is mechanically separated - as in , HIT BY A CAR - the remains are sent to a factory and vienna (who is that?) sausages are created. Are you kidding me?! Never mind what I said about calling the Department of Family and Children Services. Dial away.

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