Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Our variety of extended family members presents unique, logistical challenges during the celebration of Christmas. It can be exhausting making the many rounds of visits with relatives all in a designated period surrounding the 25th, but somehow we managed to fill almost every timeslot with hugs, presents, and family fellowship without incurring a single monkey fit.

(Of course, this does not count the tantrum thrown by my husband in exasperation after having his cheeks pinched one too many times. The offender was yours truly, and the cheeks were not those on his face. Sometimes, one has to create individualized entertainment to sustain adequate holiday joy.)

I am sincerely appreciating the genius timeframe established for the celebration of Hanukkah. Those smart folks had the foresight to understand that it would take eight complete days to fit in Maw-Maw’s fruitcake, and Uncle John’s eggnog, and the various arrival times for out of town cousins bearing gifts that still needed to be wrapped. Throw in a round of golf and the long hours of round-trip travel, and you too will believe that God miraculously provided extra minutes in the day when we weren’t paying attention.

Preserving family memories on this blog has fallen by the wayside, and much to my surprise, I found that it is this last day of the month, this last day of the year, that I am attempting to cram it all in.

Here’s to hoping that my joy is more timely and more organized in 2009.

Happy New Year, everybody!

Round One -
December 24th

Grand Dad celebrates with us:

We give him a multi-medium system that functions as a CD, tape, ipod and record player. The children are FASCINATED by their first experience with records.

Even more fascinating is that my husband still has in his possession ALL OF HIS ALBUMS. He retrieved them from the basement where they have been lovingly stored next to his medical school notes from 1990. God love him.

Singing YMCA in vintage vinyl style:

Round Two
Christmas Morning:

Santa makes good on his promises made at the local mall. I will forever give him the evil eye for the reassurances made about the rodents you see in the cage:

I am pretending that they are Rudolph's babies so that I do not vomit every day.As a side note, you can see from the back of Chandler's head that we are still having a little trouble with hair.

Dwarf hamsters have joined our family, but will only receive love from the children.

Mary Mac and her bitty baby twins feed her continued obsession with baby dolls.

Round Three
Late Christmas afternoon:

Julie and Baby Briggs:

Seriously, he has to be the cutest baby currently on the planet. I wanted to lick his little face, but Mimi kept stealing him from me even though she knew it was Christmas and everyone is supposed to share all infants in the room on this special day. I hope she gets coal from Santa next year.

Preston and Chandler admiring the new Star Wars pop-up book. Dude - usually known as grandfather in other normal households- silently practices Jedi moves he will use later.

It's a very MerWIII Christmas with new games for everyone. Merry? MerWIII? get it? (Terrible, I know.)

John the Magician

Uncle Jon, the gambler.

Round Four
December 26th

More celebration at the home of Aunt Linda and Uncle Johnny.

Cute, precious, adorable cousins

Newly engaged Curt and Jennifer

Another witty comment by Morgan. Another laugh by Nana.

More food to consume provided by the local company of velvet-clad elves you see at the bottom of the photo. They are really hard workers.

Round Five
December 26th - late evening

Presents at Nana's house

Curt and Mary Mac eyeing the loot.

Presents bring joy!

Poor, weary child. Someone, please hand him a vinyl record to bring back some holiday energy.

Are you still with me? Special 2009 blessings to you for enduring my ramblings and taking part in my holidayJOY!


Poppa and Bella said...

Happy New Year!! I really enjoy reading your blog. My husband also has a lot of "records" and this year I found a player at JCPenney that comes with a USB cable to allow downloading the "records" to your computer so you can then put them on CDs or even download to your MP3 player.

Joni said...

What a great idea and clearly the next gift I should buy for my husband.

Now if only I could figure out what to do with his medical school notes from 1990....

Happy New Year!

Barrett said...

Chase told me about his "rodent friend" he got for Christmas.