Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Moms, start your engines.....

As the mom of multiple children, in multiple classrooms, with multiple Christmas parties, it takes an extra dose of caffeine to sustain my anatomical engine when racing from party to party. Downing kool-aid, hot cocoa and sprite while sampling all of the sugar-filled concoctions at each pit stop for each child not only wears me out but aggravates the top button of my pants as it threatens to explode from all of the consumption.

Balancing teacher gifts, ornament swaps, classroom treats and my camera as I rounded each corner to each classroom at two different campuses left a trail of boot skid marks along the walls of the hallway. I even "traded paint" with another mom who attempted to pass me, but who did so unsuccessfully as she was ill-prepared for the aerodynamics represented by yours truly.

A little racing joy for you....

Race/Party #1 with Chase:

Race/Party #2 with Chandler:

Race/Party #3 with Mary Mac:

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Barrett said...

Chase's party was awesome!