Monday, January 26, 2009

Travis and Friends

Last night I attended a live recording featuring Travis Cottrell with good friends Wendy, Emmy and Jennifer. The event took place in a jinormous church outside of Atlanta, one that at first glance appeared to be a mall, minus the teenagers cruising in the parking lot. The wallet in my purse started vibrating thinking that a little retail joy was about to occur, but it turns out that escalators, trolley cars and huge domed buildings are how worshippers in Woodstock, Georgia like to roll.


Back in August some friends and I flew to San Antonio for a Beth Moore event that allowed the opportunity to meet Travis Cottrell, Beth Moore and her daughter, Amanda Jones. The humiliation of one of my encounters still stings a little bit, but I was convinced that for this event, if given a second chance, I might be able to act as though I had some sense.

I’m not going to go into the details, especially since at some point I really do need to pretend as though I am a functioning adult, but suffice it to say that the small interaction I did have left me jibber jabbering like the dork those of you who know me expect me to be. (For your information, jibber jabber is a word in blogger land.)

I met BooMama and BigMama, both more precious in real life than even on their blogs and exchanged very enthusiastic waves with the queen of hot rollers herself, Beth Moore.

It was a great night, with great friends and great music, as demonstrated in the photo below.

(I’m not sure, however, who invited Mr. Double Chin to accompany me on our trip. Why must he follow me everywhere? Doesn't he know how I loathe his company?)


Mom of Eleven said...

okay, please, you look great. I however look like the Pillsbury Doughboy in the face, just 19 weeks preggers, what will I look like at 35 weeks?
Still laughing over the "incident" in August. I love it. . .oh the moments we have all gone blank, and for lack of something to say, have "blown it". Fortunately, Amanda, left a comment and totally forgave you. I had a blast!

Emmy said...

So much fun! Loved every bit of it! Where are we going next?!?

(OK this picture... I'm with Wendy your looking hot... I thought my shirt was so cute... obviously not... looks like I stole it from a old man tourist at Disney World! I also may need some of Beth's hot rollers!)

Good thing our identity is in Him! : )

JMom said...

I had a blast with you gals! I laughed telling Laurie about our 'routines' today!

elizabeth said...

Puh-leeze....Ya'll all look wonderful! Sounds like a blast!

Anonymous said...

It was that very post about meeting Amanda that led me to your blog last summer. You have made me laugh too many times to count. Your writing has such voice. And this Texan stuck in the lala land of southern California, loves to 'hear' a true southern voice! I have also been moved to tears while reading the posts where you share your heart and your close relationship with the Lord. I was especially touched by the December 4th entry of Being Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable. Thank you, Joni, for speaking to my heart.

Meritt said...

Wait... are you really that tall!?

Joni said...

Thank you for your kind words.

Do me a favor today. Say "ya'll" to everyone you meet in California to spread some Southern joy.... : )

Joni said...

Merritt -
I do sort of look like a slouching giant in this picture. (My posture is bad because all of my chins are weighing me down...)

My heeled boots may have had something to do with my height. (And the small usher man I was standing on top of....)