Friday, April 24, 2009


I have apparently reached a small milestone in the land of blogging. Today’s post numbers 200 which according to precedent set by bloggers all over our fine land, necessitates that one make a list of 200 fun, personalized facts for all to read.

Considering that I lack the time and motivation for such a large task, I have decided to tweak the current trend and instead, make a list that revolves around the number 200.

(For those who are looking to make a citizens arrest on behalf of the blogging police for my world wide web defiance, I humbly ask that you consider my small children, and the effect my absence and/or jail time would have on their development.)

So, here we go.

Two Hundred is the number of.....

... times John has turned out the light on my side of the bed.

... .permissions slips, progress reports and school calendars that have disappeared onto the great abyss known as my Ford Expedition.

... minutes I have held on the phone before being allowed to talk to a customer service rep for Dell computer who just happens to reside in India and impossible to understand.

... hours I have sat in the very long carpool line paying bills, talking on the phone, filing my nails, hunting lost papers and regretting that I didn’t get gas at the last convenience store I passed.

.....close calls that involved me almost running out of gas.

....times a day a child in my house asks me for a snack.

....conversations that ended with my foot residing in my mouth.

....moments I have looked at my husband and children and been brought to tears by the pure joy they bring me

... interactions I have had that start with me saying, “Here’s the thing...” and then ultimately ends with “How ‘bout that....”

... long weekends I hope to spend with the NOGS in this lifetime.

....times I have asked family members to help me find either my car keys, my hair brush or my cell phone.

....loads of clothes I have laundered this week.

....prayers that have begun, “Lord, I know that this comes as no surprise to you, but I’ve gone and messed up yet again...”

.... cheetos I’ve eaten in one sitting. (It ain't easy being cheesy)

.... times I have been nauseous from eating too many cheetos.

.... frogs I am convinced are living in my mailbox.

... phone calls I have made to the 911 operator. (Okay, that’s a stretch. I’m really only on about 156.)

.... posts I’ve written all in the name of a little JOY.


Poppa and Bella said...

Congratulations!!!!! I have enjoyed reading your blog over the past year.

Joni said...


Anonymous said...

My husband can identify with holding on the phone to speak with a Dell service rep...although when he finally does speak to someone, the rep resides in Canada and they end up talking about ice hockey and play-off games for literally hours while waiting for the laptop to reboot!

I enjoy reading about your are quite a gifted writer.

Annapolis, MD

Joni said...

Thanks Gail!

Your husband's friendly interaction with service reps has convicted me to approach them with a little more joy.

Do you think they play hockey in India?

Cezanne said...

“Here’s the thing...” and “How ‘bout that....” will most definitely make the 400+ list as well.....those words are SO SO SOOOO your trademark expressions!!!!! Miss you! Love you!!

Joni said...


Really? You think those expressions will be on my 400th post?

How bout that.

I heart you too.


deann said...

Keep up the good "blogs"! Somedays its the only time I really laugh OUTLOUD. Don't know who told me about your blog but so thankful they did. Congrats on 200, think I stopped blogging at 2.

Joni said...

Thanks Deann! Surely Shane makes you laugh a few times a day, too. Even if it is AT HIM - it still counts!