Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Traveling Mercies

Today we are traveling to Atlanta to see a Neuro Opthalmologist at Emory University. Chase will complete a battery of tests over the course of four hours to hopefully determine the source of his pain and injury as well as a treatment plan.

We are leaving in a few moments. I would love to have your prayers for the following:

1. Answers. This is somewhat of our last opportunity for a diagnosis with this new specialist. If this is not successful, we are left with seeking 3rd and 4th opinions which makes my stomach hurt even as I type.

2. Relief of pain and double vision for Chase. While his gait is improving, pain and vision issues have been constant since the day of the injury 45 days ago.

3. Travel through Atlanta. If there is trouble on the highway, somehow I always find it. Pray specifically that I do not have additional run-ins with the law or run over any gores that jump out  in front of me.

4. Friends and Family taking care of ours while we are gone - Cammie, Susi, Mimi, Dude (grandfather, not a surfer or #12 entree at the Western Sizzlin'), Mrs. Nida and Mrs. Anthony.

5.Patience and Anxiety. Please pray that I occupy my mind during the testing with nonsense like who may win Survivor or polish color for my next pedicure, instead of the what ifs of our situation that like to terrorize me.

6. Acceptance. Pray that we would continue our belief that this will turn out well because God says so. And I believe Him and still think that He is good all the time - even when the brain of a 13 year old is injured.

Your prayers mean more to our family than you can know and bring us a joy like we have never understood.

Thanks friends,


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Anonymous said...

Praying still.... have you read 1000 gifts? if not, start while you are waiting.